Are your electricity bills going over the roof? You can now reduce this cost by installing a grid-connected solar power system from Solar Man, Australia. Our solar power solutions are built to last and sustainable, since we only use high quality components.

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Solar power from the sun producing free electricty everyday. Why pay for it when its for free from up above . Why not let us show you how to save
money by installing a unique designed solar system taylored to your needs for Day time and night . We have Quality high efficient solar panels and invereters of all budgets , we only pick the best on the market and only use tested and proven products from the Clean energy council data base so you can rest aussured the quaility of the products installed are certified to meet the australian standards .
For an obligation free quote on your tailered solar system with easy terms payment options from around $80 per fourtnight your new solar system
is easier to obtain quicker than you think, so hurry now before the goverment rebate ends and prices rise again .
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Solar Panels

Solar panels are the device that is used to convert the sun’s UV rays into electricity. They are a device that is placed on the rooftop of a property to use to generate electricity for a home.

Solar panels are a collection of solar cells. The panel is comprised of many solar cells that work together to provide properties with power that can be used for heating water and space. The more UV rays from the sun that hits the light, the more electricity that is produced. With the advancement of the energy companies that Solar Man Australia works with our clients are reaping the rewards of utility bill savings, and that excessive power they collect during the day that is not used is fed back to the utility company and a credit to the property owner is offered. Solar systems and plans are saving property owners tens of thousands of dollars.

Depending on the efficiency of the solar panels will depend on the conversion percentage to electrical power.

Solar Inverters

Solar inverters are one of the most integral components of a solar system installation, irrespective of the size of the power plant. A good inverter system will convert direct current into alternating current and act as the entrance point between the energy-off taker and the photovoltaic system.
Solar Man, Australia has cutting edge inverter technologies directed at providing optimum performance and other advanced utility controls.

What we offer:

  • Installation of inverter systems
  • Installation of Solar Panels
  • Installation of Solar Battery
  • Post-installation services that are crucial in maintaining the production of energy and ensure high performance at all time.
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Repair
  • Trusted quality for best performance
  • Advanced inverter technologies
  • Best Brands of Solar Panels
  • Advanced Solar Storage Technologies
  • Best Quality Solar Products

Solar Storage

Adding batteries to a grid connected solar system is particularly advantageous for certain reasons. Primarily, it becomes possible to store excess solar energy generated during the day and to use it in the absence of Sun. Battery storage system also enables you to have back-up power in case of emergencies like the grid shutting down. It is also cost-effective in terms of your electricity consumption needs, particularly when you have been buying from the grid.

  • Our battery storage system comes with a full warranty
  • With Solar Man, you can maximize your energy savings
  • We offer a complete solar powered energy solution.
  • Our batteries are easy to install, need no maintenance and are completely automated.

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